Recipe: We made a vegetarian haggis

I remember, as a young girl, I attended a Burns supper. I can’t say that as a ten year old, spectacularly fussy eater, that I was very impressed. However the whole affair did not leave lasting damage and I have, since acquiring an adult palate, been known to appreciate and even enjoy the age-old stomach lining filled Scottish tradition; Haggis.

Burns night came along this year, my English boyfriend, Ben, happened to be over for the weekend. I deemed it necessary to inflict some of my Scottish roots upon him, it would have seemed rude not to! As a rule I don’t eat red meat anymore; this does not bode well, for as we know Haggis is rather full of animal in some shape or form. I love a challenge equally as much as I love delicious food, so the obvious answer was to create something resembling a vegetarian haggis.


We had a quick glance at some recipe’s, all of which seemed to contain the entire contents of a supermarket isle. Using one or two of said recopies we took it upon ourselves to create a wonderful invention, though not costing an arm and a leg.

With only the most modest intentions at heart, I would like to say, and I speak on behalf of Benjamin too; it was quite delicious.


One onion

1 or 2 garlic cloves

One tin of red kidney beans

½ to ¾ of a mug of green lentils

½ to ¾ of buckwheat


All spice

Cayenne pepper



A squeeze of honey

Filo pastry (optional)

Whilst boiling the lentils and buckwheat (about 35 mins) fry the onion and garlic, add the spices, salt and a decent amount of pepper. Add the kidney beans and a squeeze of honey whilst waiting for the pulses. Lightly mash the lentils and add, along with the buckwheat to the pan with onions etc.

We decided to make filo parcels with our mixture, but you may decide to simply spoon it on to a plate. I would highly recommend honey roast parsnips as the perfect partner.


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