New Series: What is Love?

To start off a new series here at Social Milking we thought it would be an interesting experiment to discover what peoples answers are to the simple question of “What is love?”

“You can look forever to find the answer to love. Bt love doesn’t have an answer. It’s a feeling. To compare love of a friend to the love of a spouse is like trying to compare the thrill of a rollercoaster ride to the thrill of saving a life. Love is something inconceivable. Unknown to humans because no human can read from a textbook what love is. It has to be felt. Quotes, lyrics, lines off a movie can’t begin to describe the feeling of you heart breaking  or the euphoria felt when in love.” Cameron Dumbreck ,19

Every wednesday get ready to look out for a new answer. So if you would like to submit your answer leave a comment below or tweet us at @socialmilking.


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